How to place orders on

Placing orders online is everyday life for most of us. There is still someone who find it unclear or difficult, however. This short guide should help those who sometimes get lost in the process of placing an order.

What should I do to place an order here?

It cannot be easier: just choose the items you need and clic with your mouse on "Add to cart" button below the item picture or on its page. The item will be added to your "shopping cart" and you can go ahead choosisng other items you need.
You find your shopping cart on the upper right corner, when you pass over the words "Shopping Cart" with your mouse, and it always shows the items in its and their quantity.
If you need more of an item you choose, you can either clic again on the purchase button or change its quantity in the shopping cart page.
When you are done with your order you can click on "Checkout" button in your cart. You will be showed the shopping cart page where you will complete and confirm your order. Just follow the instructions: you will have to write the address you want the order to be shipped to (we ship worldwide), to chose your preferred payment method and shipping option.
You can revise your order anytime during the process. When you feel ready to send the order just confirm it. From now on let us take care of your order. We are very good in processing it quickly and ship it to the address you specified.  

I don't like to use my credit card online, can I pay in a different way?

Sure, but don't think credit card are unsafe. In fact, they are safer than other payment methods. For shipment abroad we can offer bank transfer and PayPal. If you don't use credit cards online you probably don't use PayPal as well. You can opt for bank transfer then. Please note it takes more time when you chose this method as we have to wait for the amount to be credited on our account.

How do I find a particular product?

Items are divided into categories, following what seems to us a logical order. If you don't feel comfortable or don't like to browse the categories tree, just use the search field on top of every page. We made it large, so you cannot miss it. Do as in Google: write the first letters and the search will do the job for you.

Do I need to register to place an order? 

Definitely not. On the shopping cart page you wil be asked if you are a registred customer or not. If say "No" you can proceed with the order as non-registered customer. As a registered customer you will receive notice of a re-supply of products you have been interested in, we will keep you updated on anything it might be of your interest, you can see your previoeus orders, manage your addresses and the returns.