Can I order by phone, fax, e-mail?

Usually not. By placing your order on the website you make sure it is handled quickly and precisely. Only If you are ordering on behalf of a company, or a flight school, you can send your order by e-mail, or telephone.

Can I come to your premises to collect my order?

Sorry, no if you are a private customer.

I am ordering as a company (or flight school). Can I send an employee to collect my order?

Yes, after we confirmed the order is ready and it has been paid (or we have an agrement about the payment)

I have just placed an order. How long does the delivery take?

We ship almost everyday, and within 48 hours from your order at worst. Shipping time depends on destination: in Europe is between 2 and 7 days, to the rest of the world is up to 15 days for far countries.

I have ordered a jacket but the size doesn't fit. Can I return it?

Sure, just follow the instructions on your account.

I would like the order shipped with my preferred courier.

We are sorry, this is not possible. We have contracts with several couriers covering every needs and the costs are coded into the website to have an automatic calculation of the shipping costs. We simply cannot use a courier customer by customer.